Google Summer of Code 2017


Project Abstract : Develop firmware and experiments for Pocket Science Lab (PSLab)

Characteristic of a shift into the digital era, students have started to learn to code at an early age. However, most of the academic applications are currently centered around purely software based learning techniques such as simulations. The ability to easily access multiple control and measurement tools as well as analyze the results from one common platform (such as is common in advanced research labs ) enables students to design new experiments and further the spirit of science.

The Pocket Science lab is such a platform precisely, and its architecture makes it an affordable tool for the masses, that has the potential to nurture young scientists.

Over this summer, I was happy to be able to work on the Pocket Science Lab project with Fossasia. It has been a learning experience in collaborative editing, and I worked with several frameworks such as EmberJS, Flask, Jekyll, and PyQt, and also got acquainted with platforms such as Heroku and . During the course of this programme, I wrote 15 blog posts outlining my work, and these are listed in the next section.

Mentors : Lorenz Gerber, Kiwi, Praveen Patil (Gnovi), Greg Austic, Ansgar Schmidt, Darwin Gosal, Wan Leung Wong, Ajithkumar bp, Mitch Altman, Shams Jaber, Victoria Bondarchuk, Mario Behling, Haggen So, Soong Chee Gi

Progress report

For GSoC-17, I worked on several aspects of the Pocket Science Lab Project:

Additional links

Full list of blog posts I wrote along the way : link to my blog on
Codacy pslab-remote screenshot codacy
Codacy pslab-desktop-apps screenshot codacy
Codacy pslab-python screenshot codacy
Codacy pslab-firmware screenshot codacy

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